Farnear TBR BH Benshaee

Farnear-TBR-BH Benshaee-ET

USAF69320702 Born:7-11-11
(Sebastian x Twin-Spruce Gold Bailey VG-87 x TS Benshae VG-88 x PR Barbie EX-92 GMD DOM x Brina EX-92 GMD + 3 more EX Dams)

PTA +389NM +.07%F +.06%P
PTA +3.2PL 2.62SCS +.5DPR 5%DCE
PTA +4.45T +4.08UDC +3.55FLC 74%R 4/2012
• The #6 PTAT Heifer in the Breed 4/12!


Benshaee's Dam

Twin Spruce Gold Bailey

Twin Spruce Gold Bailey VG-87

+3.80 Type +3.61 UDC +3.06 FLC +2063GTPI
2-01 95 8,508 4.1 353F 3.4 291P

Benshaee's Grand Dam

Regancrest TS Benshae

Regancrest TS Benshae VG-88 2yr

Sold for $196,000 in Int Intrigue 2009
GTPI+1781 +3.43 Type
One of 17 Barbie Daughters to rank in top 100 for Type in USA

Benshaee's Great Grand Dam

Regancrest PR Barbie

Regancrest PR Barbie

HM All-American Jr. 3-Year-Old 2004
Dam of 22 VG 2yr Olds & 8 EX Daughters in the United States